Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Releases: May

May New Releases

 May 1st, Contemporary Romance

May 1st, Erotica

 May 1st, Erotica

 May 1st, Erotica, M/M

May 2nd, Erotica Horror Romance

 May 6th, book 3 of the Erotica trilogy

 May 6th, Fantasy, Guardian of Destiny 3

 May 6th , Contemporary Romance, New Adult

 May 6th, Urban Fantasy, Half Light City book 4

 May 6th, Embrace book 5, Urban Fantasy, angels ¨& demons

 May 6th, book 2 of the Surrender Trilogy, Erotic Romance, BDSM

 May 6th, Fantasy, Dystopia, Young Adult, The Selection Book 3

 May 12, Erotic Romance

May 13th, Paranormal Erotica, book 4 of Wizard Twins

 May 15th, Forged Bloodlines book 7, Paranormal Romance, vampires

 May 20th, Chic Lit

 May 20th, Fantasy, Shifters Unbound book 4.5

 May 20th, Paranormal, shifter, werewolves, book 3 of the series

 May 22nd, Erotica, BDSM, book 3 of the series

 May 27th, Contemporary Romance, Fighter Sports Romance

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