Monday, May 26, 2014

Mondays: Quote-tastic #2

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Erotic Romance

My Favorite Quotes from the Book

His song:
The song continued to write itself in his head.
 "Your place or mine, said a woman so fine, with a smile so sweet that I could not decline. She kissed me in an alley off Twenty-Third Street, standing on the tiptoes of her shoeless feet."
 The Song changed to a minor key.
"She loved me, then left me, while I caught us a ride. Sprinting down the street, leaving nothing of my pride."
Her song:
"I met him in New York, with his jeans so tight. I knew that it was wrong, but it felt so right. I dumped him in an alley when he got too intense, following the dictates of my own common sense." 
Her thinking:

"The idea hardened in her mind. A book she'd read years ago had called it a zipless fuck-a passionate encounter with no strings attached. He was perfect. He'd relieve her tension, give her some laughs. It had been ages-well, months- since she'd indulged. And she was under so much stress. This man, she was sure, could go a long way in helping her with that. A little fun in New York City. No strings attached. Perfect."

This was a fun, short read. I've enjoyed the idea of them writing songs of their encounters. 


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