Friday, May 16, 2014

Fridays Kick-Ass Heroines: Clare Kimball

Clare Kimball

wild red hair
golden eyes

  1. She is a famous sculptor
  2. She goes back home to face her fears of the past
  3. She is funny
  4. She is a take charge type of gal
  5. She forgets everything, even her underwear
  6. She is a kick-ass gal
Why Clare, why this book?

  • I love this book, this is one of my favorites re-reads. In fact, I was looking at it for this post and end up reading it again. :)
  • She is a warrior in her own way.
  • She is the type of character that you can relate and connect with.
  • She got herself a hot cop.
  • I have been trying to bring up some very old books and do them justice, maybe even write some reviews.
  • If you haven't read this book and if you like it a bit dark, read this CLASSIC!
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