Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wednesday Alpha Heros


Ricardo Carlos Mañoso
Second generation Cuban-American

30 years old
Large biceps, muscular neck
Straight black hair, slicked into a ponytail

  • "He had a body like Schwarzenegger, dark hair slicked back off his face and a two-hundred watt smile. He was drop-dead sexy, he was as sane as Batman, and he was a primo bounty hunter."
  • Ranger uses a soap called Bulgari. Everyone loves the smell.
  • He's been Steph's mentor, employer, and guardian angel. He's the kind of guy who slips into a girl's dreams and desires and refuses to leave.
  • Co-owner of a security company that has branches in Boston, Atlanta, and Miami.

If you would like to know more about Ranger he first shows up in book one of the series, One for the Money, in chapter 2.
To learn more about the series: Fan Blog

Why Ranger?

  • He's multi-lingual, ambidextrous, and street-smart. 
  • He's more big-jungle-cat, not golden retriever.
  • His hair is dark brown, currently cut short. 
  • His eyes are mostly black. 
  • His body is perfect. 
  • He plays by his own rules, and his attitude is uncompromising. 
  • He only wears black and only drives black cars. 
  • He's smart, he's strong.
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*part of the information was taken from the books in the series with the help of the blog Gary Apenzellet net*

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