Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Kick-Ass Heroine


waist length red hair
golden eyes

  • DarkRiver leopard Sentinel (warrior, one of the security team of the pack)
  • She is in every and each book of the psy/changeling series by Nalini Singh, but her book is #6 of the series Branded by Fire
  • She is 28 years old
  • Her name is Melisande, but you should never attempt to call her that
  • one of the highest ranking member of either changeling pack of the series

Why Mercy?

  1. she is very passionate about her pack
  2. she will kill to protect
  3. she is lethal and can take down men that are double her size
  4. oh, have I mentioned that she has my favorite book of the series?
  5. the hottest book of the series is hers... really really hot!!!!

* part of the information was taken from Wicked Scribes fan blog*

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  1. Oh I've liked her so far from the little bits of her in the books I've read. I'm only up to book 5 though. I'm gonna start that one soon hopefully.

    1. I like them all, some better than others, but this one is my personal favorite. I love Mercy, and before that book, I have never really paid much attention to Riley... my mistake. :)

  2. Awesome series. I love the Mercy is kickass but not a bitch. I don't know why some authors make kissass heroines so bitchy. Great choice!

    Cheers, Michelle

    1. Thanks. :) I agree, authors confuse kickass with bitchness. :)