Monday, June 2, 2014

Mondays: Quote-tastic

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The author was really clever when she wrote this romance in the world of Mathmatics. She used several equations and Math symbols to represent each chapter and she also used several quotes with Math terminology.

“I bet if you and I got together, we could figure out how to multiply.”
“A mathematician knows there’s no such thing as luck. Everything is the result of a calculated measure, a formulaic consequence. Every possible result of a decision, a subset of consequences.”
“Like the mathmatical topics each of us are consumed with, we are compliments. What one gives, the other receives in reciprocal, always adding up to a perfect, encompassing whole. Together, we are complete.”
“His hands survey the contours of my body, measuring the angles of pleasure and complimenting my curves with his planes. Our trajectory shifts from parallel reflection, to perpendicular rivalry. I shift my hips, inducing a frustrating friction where I want nothing more than smooth harmony.”
“We’re two equations, you and I. Arranged different, each with our own set of variables, but somehow, we add up. You and I together equal each other.”



  1. I like the sound of this one since its sounds like a really unique contemporary romance :)
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    1. It was different. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Yes, I did enjoy how clever the author was with the subject. Thanks for visiting! :)

  3. Who knew math talk could be sexy? Great choices

  4. I agree with Alina! I had no idea Math can be this sexy :) Thanks for sharing and for dropping by my Quote-tastic last week :)